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The Romance Stories



I cannot tell you how heartened and pleased I am about everything I hear about you; the whole world is ecstatic. They are right, too: a King of twenty and a Queen of nineteen, all their actions are full of humanity, generosity, prudence and wisdom. … in a word my heart is overjoyed, and I pray God to preserve you for the good of your people, for the world, for your family, and for your old Mama…

—Maria Theresa to Marie Antoinette, 16 June 1774

[translation: Olivier Bernier, Secrets of Marie Antoinette]


Caravaggio’s Raising of Lazarus (1609, left) & Botticelli’s Lamentation (1490-92, right).

♔  Royal afterglow

It Can Be Beauty.


Period drama costumes

→ Giulia Farnese, The Borgias s01e07

Must I confess to you dear sis?


— Tell me about poison.